Event Catering Terms and Conditions

In these conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

"Cunliffe" –                 The providers of the products and services.

"Customer" –              The Person who made the booking.

“Deposit” -                  Non-refundable payment from the Customer to Cunliffe

"Event Catering" –      The products and services to be supplied as agreed on the Booking Form

"Booking Form" –        A form provided by Cunliffe, either online or printed, on which you detail the requirements of your event catering.

"Price" –                      The price shown on the Booking Form.

"Venue" –                    The location and building you wish us to deliver the Event Catering to.


The Contract for event catering shall be made between the Customerand Cunliffe. Once the dates and prices have been agreed by both parties and a deposit of minimum £200 is received by Cunliffe, you will receive a booking confirmation from Cunliffe, in accordance with the details below.

Booking and Pricing.

To confirm a booking, the customer will receive a ‘Booking Confirmation Form’ from Cunliffe. This will detail the price for us to provide your event catering and any logistical arrangements that have been agreed. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the details provided. The customermustagree to the details on the Booking Form and return signed, via the provided method (print or online). The customer is also required to provide a non-refundable deposit of a minimum £200 at the time of booking.

Once both the Booking Form and Deposit have been received, Cunliffe will confirm your booking in writing.

The remaining balance of the price, must be paid in full at least 14 days before the date we are supplying the event catering. Failure to complete this payment will mean we are unable to provide the Event Catering and the booking will be cancelled.If you book less than 14 days before the event catering date, then the full balance must be paidupon booking.

If an event requires a special purchase order for items that we do not normally stock, or it is above our normal stock holding, the full cost of this item will be charged in the case of a cancellation.

Event Logistics.
Whilst we will liaise with the venue prior to the event, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the venue at which we are providing event catering:

          i.            Will allow Cunliffe to set up the equipment Cunliffe require, to allow us to prepare, cook and serve our food.

        ii.            Will allow Cunliffe access to the venue premises within an appropriate time,deemed acceptable to Cunliffe. This is required to set up the required serving equipment and apparatus. Some of the equipment we use is electrical, so a safe access to an electricity supply will be required.

      iii.            That the venue has the required health and safety regulations and/or licence to allow Cunliffe to serve food to the public.

We are happy for you to keep any food that has been provided and if available at the time, It is the customers responsibility to ensure the food is stored, reheated and served within the food standard agencies guidelines () All non-disposable crockery and serving utensils remain the property of Cunliffe.

Food Quantity, Quality and Health.
As part of our commitment to quality, Cunliffe will always prepare and deliver fresh food for the agreed time as stated on the booking form. We follow the guidelines set out by Food Standards Agency and advise once delivered, cold food should be consumed within 4 hours and hot food within 2 hours, if no additional chilling or warming equipment is used at the event.

Each portion is generous and there is often a little over for any second helpings. It is up to the customer to make sure you order event catering for the correct number of people. Cunliffe will not be held responsible for inability to cater for your full party if this is not observed.
Please be aware that the ingredients used in the food preparation may contain traces of nuts. It is the responsibility of the customer to detail any allergies or special requirements on the Booking Form.

Changes to Arrangements.

If you wish to alter the number of persons from your confirmed booking form, we will need at least 2 weeks prior notification of the event catering date, or more wherever possible, and we will inform you of any additional costs.

The customer can cancel the booking of our event catering at any time, but the customer must inform us in writing. If the customer cancels the event catering booking more than 14 days before the event catering date, Cunliffe will refund any monies paid, less the non-refundable deposit. If the customer cancels within 14 days of the event catering date, the full price will be charged.If Cunliffe are unable to gain access to the venue, deliver, or suitably serve the event catering, there will be no grounds for a refund.

In the unlikely event Cunliffe are unable to, for reasons beyond our control, provide the event catering, we will always give a complete refund.

Cunliffe reserve the right to instruct another catering provider if, in emergencies, we are unable to prepare and deliver the event catering. We would only choose another provider that we know would deliver, as a minimum,the same quality of food, service, ethics and customer care.

Summary of Terms

Cunliffe reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. Such variations will take effect immediately. In accepting our terms and conditions you are agreeing to accept such variations.

Payment of any monies is considered acceptance of all terms and conditions.

For further information, please contact Cunliffe through any of the following routes:
By phone on 01772 378164, 
By email bookings@cunliffe.co or
By letter to Event Catering, Belmont farm, Longridge, Preston. PR3 2DB.